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Musical Musings

  1. Into the Light – Spoon
  2. Been There Before – Hanson
  3. Vivian, Don’t – The Spinto Band
  4. Time to Pretend – MGMT
  5. All I Need – Bethany Dillon
  6. See Me Now – Cartel
  7. Growing a Garden – Castledoor
  8. Kids in Love – Mayday Parade
  9. Enough to Let Me Go – Switchfoot
  10. Sewn – The Feeling

This has been my playlist this past week.  It’s a good, crazy busy week!  I thought I would hate living alone in Tulsa with the rest of my family in Florida, but it has gone by so fast I barely noticed. Mostly due to the fact that I spend half of my day working at Kaffe Bona (145th and 21st location) and the rest of the day running errands and playing with photoshop and illustrator (which is addicting even though I barely know what I’m doing at this point).

Sometimes I feel like a list of songs better describes my mood than anything I could put into words.  For some songs it’s just the melody that seems to fit, sometimes it’s the lyrics, but all in all it just seems simpler to create a play-list that appropriately jells with me for the week. Next week I’m sure it will be completely different, but for this week these are my songs.

So excited for the weekend.  Not excited for the snow.  I will miss this beautiful weather.  Goodbye Spring.


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Wait Upon the Lord

“Wait upon the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait upon the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

This verse has been following me, and apparently I just can’t take the hint.

The first time it happened was right before Thanksgiving.  Literally I saw this verse everywhere I turned.  I came across it in my quiet time, other people mentioned it, tweeted it, and blogged about it; I saw written prettily on items in stores, and even found it on a book mark.  So I decided to actually try and wait upon the Lord.  I decided to try and stop obsessing about all the life decisions that seemed so daunting, and trust that the Lord had a plan in his timing.   This past Thanksgiving break was a wonderful gift of peace and rest as I tried to live out Psalm 27:14.

However, by the time I came home for Christmas break I had worked myself back up into a frenzy by trying to figure everything out in day.  Overwhelmed and feeling like I needed answers right then and there, I began to stumble across Psalm 27:14 again.  This time I felt convicted and humbled.  I felt both silly for needing the reminder and incredibly cared for.   For me this seemed like another sweet reminder from God saying again, “let me take care of you, I have plans for you” and a little stronger message, “you MUST wait and rely on Me.”  I wish I could say I was surprised I tried to put myself in control again, but I wasn’t.  Reminders that encourage trusting in the Lord once again surrounded me, and again I submitted my will and my plans to the Lord.  By grace I was able to enjoy my winter as anxiety dissipated and I endeavored to once again wait upon the Lord.

Yet here I am again, humbled by grace – surrounded by a message to wait upon the Lord.  Again I’m submitting my will, my plans, and my anxiety about the future to my heavenly Father, because I know my life is so much better in His hands.  Here I am again needing Christ, needing His peace, and letting go of my desire to understand everything now.  Instead I’m focused on the blessings I get to enjoy every day.  My future is in the hands of the creator, and that is nothing short of Joy.  I’m listening, trying to obey, and praying for patience.  This phase in life is daunting and full of changes; but even though it feels messy, and even though I keep trying (and failing) to be the one that cleans it up – my faith, my hope, my rest, and my tomorrows are secure and protected in Christ.

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today was a fairytale…

I love fairytales.  I will always believe they exist.

I choose fairytales.  Perhaps it’s the mystical element, the magic, the whimsy, the fantasy, or just the general appeal of something greater, something beyond the ordinary; but I find fairytales to be beautiful.

I believe in real life fairytales.  I like to enjoy my life: to laugh, to twirl, and to generally live my fairytale.

I think the idea of fairytales, and of living a fairytale, seem natural to me because I believe in God that both created me out of love, and delights in my existence.  With that within me, it only makes sense that my life has been beautifully prepared. That I am well taken care of, and that my God has my destiny prepared {colorful and brilliant}. There is something greater.  There is something beyond this world.  That in and of its self is a fairytale.  As I walk this life with Jesus in my heart, I learn daily.  I learn to move past fear, and I learn the source of my courage.  I learn to grow-up and mature into the woman I was called to be {which is sometimes horribly messy and difficult}, and I am so blessed to watch my fairytale unfold in the process.

There is love, and there is happiness that brings incredible Joy.

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