today was a fairytale…

I love fairytales.  I will always believe they exist.

I choose fairytales.  Perhaps it’s the mystical element, the magic, the whimsy, the fantasy, or just the general appeal of something greater, something beyond the ordinary; but I find fairytales to be beautiful.

I believe in real life fairytales.  I like to enjoy my life: to laugh, to twirl, and to generally live my fairytale.

I think the idea of fairytales, and of living a fairytale, seem natural to me because I believe in God that both created me out of love, and delights in my existence.  With that within me, it only makes sense that my life has been beautifully prepared. That I am well taken care of, and that my God has my destiny prepared {colorful and brilliant}. There is something greater.  There is something beyond this world.  That in and of its self is a fairytale.  As I walk this life with Jesus in my heart, I learn daily.  I learn to move past fear, and I learn the source of my courage.  I learn to grow-up and mature into the woman I was called to be {which is sometimes horribly messy and difficult}, and I am so blessed to watch my fairytale unfold in the process.

There is love, and there is happiness that brings incredible Joy.


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  1. Mom

    You are never too old to twirl!!!


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