The Eyes of a 10 year old Boy

There is an adorable blonde haired boy running around outside our house today.  I’m guessing and placing him around age 1o.  His father is the contractor who is repairing the wall around our house, and while his dad works he and his grandfather are exploring the backyard.  I sat above them on our balcony reading a book and enjoying the stormy day, but the boy’s remarks and questions kept me more interested in his conversation than the book I was reading.  Soon enough he bounded up the stairs to the balcony, and after announcing the fact that he had made it the top while his grandfather was still on only the second step, looked out and said, “Grandpa you’ve got to get up here it’s a beautiful view [long pause]”.  I thought yes the view is beautiful; the trees that you can see off our balcony looked especially green against the grey sky and cover the ground as far you can see blocking out the city that surrounds us.  I was sitting there reflecting and looking off into the distance as he finished his sentence, “Grandpa you’ve got to get up here it’s a beautiful view…into the pool”.  Yes that’s what had captured this little boys attention; you could straight into the pool, and it was beautiful.  I about laughed out loud, but that’s what you get when looking at life through the eyes of boy who was at that point walking up and down the balcony examining the pool from all angles. Upon the arrival of his grandfather, and after a quick wave to me, he began contemplating what the possibilities were of jumping off the balcony and into the pool without hitting the concrete (yes it’s been done, no I did not think it wise to share that information with him).  Yes, he was captivated by the beautiful view and he hadn’t even looked past my backyard.

This got me thinking; I wonder how often I miss the beauty of what’s right in front me because I’m too busy looking off into the distance? Also how many times have I asked myself that, and many more times will I need to be reminded?  How often do I day dream about my future instead of reveling in the beauty of the day that God has given me?  I think I needed to be reminded that right here and right now – this very day is beautiful.  I needed a little shift in perspective.


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  1. Lindsay

    Love it!


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