perfect peace.

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

I feel like so many times I settle, or am tempted to settle for less than perfect peace.  God offers us perfect peace.  He is peace.  He offers us Himself as we trust in Him.  Recently I’ve had several conversations, with close friends of mine, about anxiety, stress, and worry.  I’m so blessed to be surrounded with women who love the Lord and choose to seek Him first, but we are all faced with bouts of anxiety and worry.  Here in Isaiah, and throughout scripture we see God offer perfect peace.  Peace that is completely whole, and puts our hearts at rest.  It is such a beautiful concept, seemingly simple in scripture, yet so many people get pushed around daily by anxious or worrisome thoughts.  I don’t want to accept less than that perfect peace.  I want to always trust to the point that my heart is comforted by that peace.  I don’t want to settle for being almost at peace. I don’t want to settle for the idea that it will all work out, but leave my heart in turmoil.  I want to trust the Lord and keep my mind steadfast and claim that perfect peace that He so generously offers.

Thank you heavenly Father for your Perfect Peace.

Happy Memories from November in Wilmington


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