My July and a little Justin Bieber too…

July was incredible.

It started off with a trip to Houston with my mom to do some work at the Liberating the Bruised Ministry, which was incredible.  Not only were we able to do some wonderful things through Christ, but I also got to see some of favorite people from college while I was in Texas.  It was the perfect to start to a month that never stopped.  I was able to spend to the 4th in Galveston with the wonderful family of one of my best friends – and I could not imagine a better holiday.  There were fireworks, swimming in the bay, and a 4 year old with attitude who could dance to Justin Bieber’s Baby (and only Baby) probably better than me – kid had moves.

Then, the day after I got back to Tulsa, my two beautiful and hilarious cousins came to visit for the Justin Bieber concert.   I won’t even try to pretend it wasn’t awesome.  We loved it.  We sang, we danced, we waved our glow-sticks in the air – we all had Bieber Fever.

Before we left for the Justin Bieber concert

The next weekend I went back to Waco for the first time since I graduated from Baylor last year.  It was such a weird experience approaching campus in the middle summer when everything was quiet and still.  I went to visit a friend of mine who works in Waco, but spent most of the weekend in Austin visiting more friends, however those few moments at Baylor were pretty strange.  It was funny because it used to feel kind of like home when I arrived back on campus, but this July I just felt strangely disconnected.  I can’t wait to go back for homecoming when everyone I love will be there too – I mean really, friends are the best part of college.

Next I was off to California for the first time EVER! It was amazing.  If I could have thought of a reason to stay I would have.  I was able to visit friends in San Francisco and Santa Monica, so I got a little taste of both northern and southern Cali.  Guess what I found in the car while driving to Laguna Beach (and yes, I saw LC’s house)…none other than the Justin Bieber CD, so yeah we listened to the Biebs.

on the pier in San Francisco

Ferris wheel in Santa Monica. loved it.

As soon as I got home my parents and I headed to Oxford, MS to visit Brian for his 21st birthday.  We were only in MS for one full day, but it was so fun for the four of us to be together.  I even got to visit Graceland on the way home.  It was a very big deal. My family told me they would absolutely not take me to Graceland, but then they surprised me and now I have officially visited Elivis’ house.  Guess what else…Brian has pair of shoes that are just like the ones Justin Bieber wore during his concert – I was pretty excited, Brian a little less so.

So July has now ended, but it was wonderful while it lasted.  Lots of new beginnings, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about all the new things soon.  So for now I’ll leave you with this…


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