lost in the woods

Getting lost in the woods.

I continually dream about living somewhere with lots and lots of trees.  Yes, compared to other dreams of mine, this one may be rather small, or lack great significance towards accomplishing things in life.  However, it makes me very very happy.  I live in Oklahoma, and while it is much prettier than most people assume, it’s no North Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, or Washington.  I truly hope at some point life will bring me towards a state that has some magnificent trees.  I take after my dad in this dream.  We both love the outdoors.  We love hiking, wandering, reading, and just sitting outside preferably surrounded by beauty.  To me one of the most beautiful things out there are trees, flowers, and nature in general.  I love the forest.  I love our annual summer trip to New Mexico spending days surrounded by such natural beauty.

I love being completely surrounded by trees and nature.  Just being there feels like worship.  One day I think it will be beautiful to live somewhere where I can walk through the woods whenever I like, and soon be surrounded by it.  It’s one of those things that makes me deeply, truly happy.  It’s one of the things that I find to be the most beautiful.  It makes me feel cared for and loved by my creator that He allows me to see such great things.  Being there just me and the woods, it feels like sharing a secret with my Savior. It’s almost automatically intimate and I love to savor every moment with Him.


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